Why PWAs are considered as the future of eCommerce?

Businesses invest in technologies that help them optimize their resources, operations and profits. This is true for omnipresent eCommerce world where it has penetrated our everyday lives with ubiquitous mobile applications and mobile websites. But, every technology has some limitations and their new avatar is needed to propel it further within the eCommerce solution Industry. Enter the new kid on the bloc, the ‘Progressive Web Apps aka PWAs’.

It’s a cross between a browser and an application. But, you can’t tell a difference. They deliver app like experience on mobile browsers accessible through web URLs and are deployed through servers. The chances are that you have already used and didn’t know about it. Twitter Lite, Ali Express, Flipboard, Google Lighthouse, Forbes, Washington Post, Trivago and many other large and small eCommerce giants have already deployed it with great success.

Innovation and Customer Experience are the building blocks on which a business thrives. PWAs offer businesses innovative technology that advances their goal of reaching more customers and generate even more revenues without jeopardizing their current operations. Let’s see some advantages of PWAs.

  • Provide superior customer experience through easy navigation on mobile browsers just like applications without actually downloading them.
  • Engage customers through push notifications, reminders and fresh content for deals and other promotions without updates.
  • Provide easy access through Sharable and indexable file structure to users anytime anywhere through the home screen.
  • Maintain data and device security through HTTPS and other SSL certificates.
  • Easy access through browsers that seamlessly work with every screen resolution whether it is on mobiles, tablets, phablets or computers.

With its many unique characteristics and connectors, PWAs combine strengths of traditional websites and mobile applications within a single solution. Some industry experts are already predicting that PWAs will change the future of eCommerce and enterprise mobility with positive effects. Let’s see some of their reasons.

Cross-Platform Compatibility- Developers can prepare and run them on various platforms using a singular coding ensuring customers see the exact same design and elements you want to display.

Easy Accessibility- With very small size required to view/ download a PWA, users can access them with minimal data usage.

Works offline and in the background- Using Service Workers PWAs can synchronize local changes to local servers and new content is cached allowing users the ability to access them offline.

Longevity and Cost reduction- Once a PWA is pinned on the home screen of a browser it can push and pull data directly from the web allowing businesses with less frequent updates and save costs on development, maintenance and code updates.

As PWAs get traction more and more eCommerce solutions are created on various eCommerce platforms. Magento has created a studio with a collection of development tools, techniques, and components that facilitate to build better working PWAs.

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Anblicks is committed to bringing value to various industries using CloudOps, Data Analytics, and Modern Apps.

Anblicks is committed to bringing value to various industries using CloudOps, Data Analytics, and Modern Apps.