Why Is It Better to Migrate On-Premise Data to Cloud?

  1. Optimized Costs: In Public Cloud, you no longer have to worry about the costs and conditions of keeping physical servers running. The data center is managed by a third-party company, often on a subscription-based model, which cuts out capital expenditure for the end customer.
  2. Agility and Scalability: Cloud-based services automatically scale the capacity to growing or fluctuating demand and allow teams to collaborate on application updates or issues from anywhere instead of on-site. This level of continuity can give businesses a real competitive edge.
  3. Backup and Disaster Recovery: With the cloud, implementing backup and recovery solutions is less time-taking and requires less upfront investment for the hardware and the time to configure it.
  4. Security: Cloud offers better and more advanced security options than data centers to store your sensitive data and apps. Most cloud providers also keep unwanted traffic from accessing your data by rolling out regular security updates, leaving you free from security threats and free to take care of what matters to your business.
  5. Automate: Manual operations are exposed to a high error risk and are also time-consuming. In most cases, you can automate critical activities such as deployments, secrets exchanges, and configuration updates if Cloud infrastructure is leveraged. Automation leads to cost and time savings and reduces risk. Teams also become more efficient because they do not have to spend effort on repetitive tasks.
  6. Management and Monitoring: Using cloud providers management tools, organizations can manage and monitor cloud resources and even their on-premises data center from a single screen.

Cloud Migration Risks and Challenges

The migration process might require taking in-house servers…continue reading.

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