Why businesses should develop Portals with Liferay?

Liferay is an enterprise portal development technology that enhances digital experience for audiences. It’s the latest offering of Liferay DXP is a step further in helping realize digital transformation goals for businesses across the globe. Liferay enhances digital ecosystem with greater emphasis on collaboration for a content management system.

As people gain confidence and get comfortable with digital interactions, they demand ways to interconnect. This enables businesses to find digital solutions that meet those demands. Developing digital experiences isn’t a straight-forward affair. It requires both understanding and mapping of business processes. A technology that encourages real digital transformation can adapt and accommodate work-flows. It needs to mitigate arising challenges in dynamic enterprises.

Most businesses requisite the demands made by their audiences to interact digitally with systems and personnel. Liferay Portal Development has provisions and advanced features that make is effective and go-to technology to develop software and portals. Let’s see top 12 features that make it a complete platform.

Compared to other portal development platforms like Drupal and Joomla, Liferay is easy to install and open source. It delivers greater cost savings with lower development and operational costs. Moreover, it is easy to use and easily available.

Liferay consists of many Out-of-the-box features like core portal, content management, social, mobile, security etc. These features and there are 60 other make it a preferable enterprise portal development solution compared to other platforms.

Liferay has a new Hook and Extension plugin that gives you the liberty to develop a product using the old code. It allows change/ modification of your portal as you’re your business requirement without re-writing the whole code.

Liferay introduces new features and version very quickly. It identifies gaps in the market with their requirement analysis and rolls out a version upgrade with new features to mitigate them. This is the reason Liferay is redefining customer experience with new social, mobile, AJAX or URL configuration.

Drag and Drop like functionalities ease the burden on the management team. They can configure, tailor and develop custom functionalities that meet various business objectives. Liferay’s unique workflow APIs save time and allows the creation of custom APIs.

Liferay gives you a full choice of application servers, databases, and operating systems to run on. Features that allow developers and businesses to create tailored modules to sync with business processes give it an edge. Liferay’s Functional Features give a spark to enterprise portal development.

Liferay’s staging environment allows you to make changes to your site in a specialized staging area. When you’re done, you can publish all your site changes at once.

Liferay allows users, administrators and developers to integrate content and services from backend or legacy applications. It supports multiple methods to integrate, including SOAP, REST, RSS, as well as proprietary API’s required for any Enterprise Content Management System.

International or multi-lingual organizations get out of the box support for 30+ languages including Francoise and Portuguese. Users can toggle between different language settings with just one click. It also provisions for adding new languages as per requirements.

The Liferay community has experienced significant growth; adding on an average 1300 member a month. It is now reaching a strength of 56,000 members. The community contributes greatly to the product functionality as well as product information/support.

Liferay DXP migration and upgrade helps enterprises gain competitive advantage with real-time information sharing and complete user control. It is easy to migrate files, blogs, images and data from legacy systems or integrate with other enterprise platforms like SAP, SharePoint etc.

Liferay Digital Experience Platform:

Enterprises can transform their business operations with immersive design and development capabilities Liferay has on offer. The primary aim of any business is to enable its stakeholders with a Digital Experience Platform that connect devices and users on a unified platform.

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Anblicks is committed to bringing value to various industries using CloudOps, Data Analytics, and Modern Apps.

Anblicks is committed to bringing value to various industries using CloudOps, Data Analytics, and Modern Apps.