Who will own the mobile experience Native Apps or PWAs?

KNOWARTH Technologies, a leading Mobile Application Development company based in Wilmington, Delaware, USA and delivery center in Ahmedabad, Gujarat in India announced today to hold a webinar on educating developers, business owners and managers about the next generation mobile technology. Free Registration for the Webinar Who will own the mobile experience Native Apps or PWAs? Is now open.

KNOWARTH understands the need of businesses to upgrade and update their existing applications. And in order for businesses and enterprises who wants to be a part of the mobile revolution, they’ve organized a webinar Who will own the mobile experience Native Apps or PWAs?

With the advent of Progressive Web Apps, Native App development platforms like Android and iOS App Development are facing stiff competition to stay relevant as Mobility is fast becoming the future of Enterprises. Having said that, Native App Development of iOS Apps and Android Apps will be the main stays, but modern enterprises and ecommerce giants are adopting PWAs (Progressive Web Apps) to give immersive experience to their users.

The founder and director of Mobility Solutions of KNOWARTH, Amij Patel said, “With this webinar we are trying to educate CEOs, CXOs, Ecommerce Managers and Entrepreneurs to understand the difference between Native Apps and PWAs. We invite all the people to be a part of Mobile Revolution brainstorming session to know Who will own the Mobile Experience Native or Progressive Web Apps.

The webinar will be held on 2nd November 2017 from 10 am to 11 am (EST), 7:30 pm to 8:30 pm (IST).

Register for Free: https://www.knowarth.com/upcoming-webinar/

The Webinar will discuss following topics:

· What PWAs are and the role they can play in your business growth journey?

· PWA best practices to grow conversions and revenue

· Challenges and limitations of PWAs

· What are Native Apps? And their Wow and Ouch Factors

· When to choose PWA and Native Application?

· Conclusion and Q & A

The registration for the webinar is FREE. \

You can book your seat here.

Please email us on marketing@knowarth.com, if you have any questions about this web event.

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