Which Features Should Your Unified IT Monitoring Software Possess?

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The latest GDPR changes are causing a lot of heartburn and ache to most enterprises as they will have to comply with new regulations. On top of that the scandal involving Facebook and Cambridge Analytica has spooked the enterprises to re-strategize their entire IT landscape. Business owners are now looking at various way to strengthen their privacy, security and network architecture. They are looking for the Best IT monitoring software to analyze their networks, monitor usage and users and most of all alert them when critical problems arise.

Most important aspect of an IT monitoring solution is to be able to keep an eagle’s eye on entire it environment using a single interface. Their management and administrators want to keep the systems updated with latest features and budget. So, a critical question arise as to which features, and functionalities must be included in the IT monitoring solution.

Flow Analysis:

Network Monitoring:

Log Management:

Server and Backend Integration:

Cloud Backup and Integration:

Trend Spotting:

Remote Infra Management:

Visual Data Analytics:

Reports and Alerts:

Compliance Auditing:

Centralized Dashboard:

There are many other features that can be included or clubbed within your portals, systems and servers. The ability of IT Monitoring Software to transform business operations is multiplied with its business benefits of real-time monitoring and cost and time savings.

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