What is the role of IoT and AI in manufacturing industry?

What’s the first thing that comes to your mind when you think of a manufacturing unit? A robotized production unit? Or a clumsy industrial space with thousands of workers under one roof? With the advancement in the technologies, artificial intelligence (AI) and Internet of Things (IoT) focus on improving the processes of manufacturing industries and helping to boost productivity and efficiency.

You might have heard about the smart factory revolution and industrial automation that open up new avenues for businesses nowadays.

Manufacturers often consider AI as a complex and expensive affair. The reality is AI and IoT improve various aspects of manufacturing and make your business more efficient by extending human capabilities. Robotics market is growing at an unprecedented rate and automation is shaping the way workers operate in the production lines.

Role of IoT and AI in manufacturing

Human workforce may have limitation as the staff members can work in shifts, but machines can work on a continuous basis to ensure faster production of goods. AI-driven robots can work 24-hours a day and help to drive operational efficiency. Artificial intelligence can reduce the manufacturing operating expenditure and improve the productivity.

IoT can gather data from multiple machines to deliver real-time data resulting in enhanced performance and reduced workload. Goods can be tracked and equipment maintenance can be predicted.

Advanced data analysis helps the manufacturers and stakeholders identify the factors that may cause failure or malfunction so that they can take appropriate actions and measures to overcome them. With advanced data insights and real-time tracking, machinery maintenance can be scheduled before any problem arises. This will help to reduce the risk of expensive downtimes also.

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