Top Business Benefits of Remote Infrastructure Management Services

The practice of Remote Infrastructure Management is becoming more prevalent in all the organizations irrespective of the size and the industry. In a bygone era, companies used to manage their entire IT infrastructure from their premises. Fast forward today, with the advancement of technologies, this model seems to be inadequate.

Enterprises require instant scalability and cost-effective IT infrastructure management. This is where the need for Remote Infrastructure Management Services arise. As it will not only save valuable time dealing with errors and server issues but, also enhance efficiency of networks and IT administrators with real-time information.

Remote Infrastructure Management (RIM) is the process of managing the IT infrastructure of an organization wholly or in parts from a remote location. It so happens that the entire physical infrastructure is geographically separated from the management of the IT services. Most large organizations operate across geographies with various functional areas functioning from distinct locations.

Most organizations outsource the entire RIM processes to other IT service providers which have experience as well as expertise in managing IT infrastructures.

· 85% infrastructure components can be managed remotely — largest single impact on organization’s revenue.

· In last decade, managed services have dominated technology industry

· Information Technology industry surpassing 3.7 Trillion in 2015–16

· Expected growth of IT industry to grow on 12.5 % compound, till 2020

· Hardware, software & services comprises 59% market stake of overall IT industry

· 60% of IT vendors will be offering managed services by 2018

· Managed services topping sales trend with 85%

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· Frequent System Failures

· Decentralized Management

· Less Productivity

· Centralized Management

· Minimizing System downtime

· Automation-Reducing time, efforts & costs

· Real Time Monitoring

· Consolidated management and provisioning

Most organizations are now outsourcing their IT Infrastructure Management to experienced IT Service providers. It not only helps in enhancing the security of network but also allows focus on core business processes while reaping the benefits of RIM.

KNOWARTH Technologies helps organizations with traditional IT models to take advantage of the flexibility offered by Remote Infrastructure Management Services and further improve cost-savings. Equipped with multiple remote monitoring consoles, proactive staff and capabilities of monitoring and managing applications, databases, servers and devices.

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