Top 5 Tech Trends that Prompting the Enterprise Mobility Solution

As mobiles become the mainstay of work and business, most of organizations have already embraced enterprise mobility to stay in the race. Those who have not done this yet are eager to jump on the bandwagon because it would be hard to imagine growth without going digital in the coming time. Pursuing a prudent Enterprise Mobility Solution strategy will make or break the business.

According to Global Industry Analysts, the global market for enterprise mobility will reach $218 billion by 2018.

The numbers are staggering, and the opportunities are endless to spread the sphere of business and customers.

Let’s check the upcoming tech trends that are likely to shape and influencing enterprise mobility

Businesses are now adopting cloud computing not by a choice but today’s necessity. And this applies to the mobility solutions too. With the advancement of technology, cloud services are now attaining unmatched maturity. So, businesses are now able to access information any time and from anywhere without having to massive costs. In the same way, enterprise mobility is meant to provide the users to access data anytime, therefore it becomes a driver for shifting to cloud. Still, some data security concerns are there for organizations, but the concept of hybrid cloud has addressed them to a significant extent.

As per one report, it is predicting that the total number of IoT devices are likely to surpass mobile phones worldwide by 2018 and might be largest group of connected devices. By 2021, there will be around 7.7 billion mobile broadband subscription, 9 billion mobile subscription, and 6.3 billion smartphone subscriptions. Businesses are now using IoT powered mobile apps to control and managed smart devices as well as to automate their operations. Also, smartphones are now capable for capturing valuable data from these devices, which can be analyzed to get deep insights. From these data and valuable insights, organizations can tweak and reform the business strategies to make devices and process more productive.

Companies are now looking for such apps that excel in every expects, but performance tops the list. These apps need to be designed in such a way where they can get load at super-fast speed, irrespective of the network connectivity. Moreover, organizations are expecting to get such mobile apps that can be extend beyond just serving the current needs of the user and focus on performing useful functions even when they are offline.

Location based services is the next hot trends in the enterprise mobility domain. For eCommerce giants, this technology is going to become a favorite in terms of attract more users and awareness. By levering this feature, enterprises able to track the users real time locations and send them personalized notifications as a part of their targeted marketing strategy.

In the technology changing world, one thing that every business concern is “Security”. It is fact that, enterprise apps provide access to the confidential business data, and therefore, security will continue to be the top concern for the developers and organizations. So, any Mobile app development company come up with a solution in the form of end-to-end mobile device management which incorporates the monitoring and managing of mobile devices, data, applications and network using in the enterprises where mobility solutions need to be deploying.

Investing in enterprise mobility solutions opens new opportunities for businesses, with higher productivity, enhanced collaboration, reduced hardware costs, and improved efficiencies. But with opportunities come challenges and the biggest one is to adopt the latest trends as a part of their business applications. Having a trusted technology partner is the best way to overcome this challenge.

KNOWARTH helps businesses in mitigating complex enterprise mobility challenges with seamless implementation of mobile strategy and mobile application development.

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