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Nowadays, IoT devices are used in offices to connect various people and things. It helps the users to explore the different opportunities and make the workspace smarter. More and more companies across the globe are adopting IoT solutions to make their workplace smarter. If you haven’t made your office an intelligent ecosystem, you could be losing a lot of exciting opportunities. There are a lot of IoT-enabled connected devices available in the market that can be combined with sensors, smartphones, wearables, and beacons. Such IoT apps can be used to monitor and control all the major business operations and manage processes.

Smart office solutions can help to improve office productivity, make the workplace comfortable, simplify everyday routine tasks, and save energy. More and more organizations are focusing on investing in smart office applications to improve workplace efficiency. Let’s throw some light on some applications that use IoT for enhancing the existing workspace productivity:

Digital Signs

Your business may be considering installing digital signage displays as static signs may be boring and they may fail to engage people. Smart signage solutions bring in new innovative features for marketing, promoting, and organizing data. Digital office signage helps in improving internal communications and external communications along with marketing activities. Enterprise-grade corporate digital signage solutions include multiple signage screens, playlists, content, and a large variety of dynamic content applications and widgets.

Why should enterprises deploy digital signage?

Every organization regardless of the industry type and size may need to communicate within their team. It may be difficult for the team members to get access to everyone’s email addresses or contact numbers. If the workforce is distributed over multiple locations, communication may be more difficult and time zones may also be different. The solution could be deploying a digital signage network that can educate and engage the employees across different teams and multiple locations. A digital signage can help to maintain a consistent brand image across the organization. You can use your digital signage to build a smart office to train and educate your team and help them stay focused on their specific goals to perform better.

AI-enabled chatbots

Most of the organizations across different industries face the challenges for finding skilled workforce. More and more organizations are investing in Artificial Intelligence (AI) to automate their daily tasks and enable human-like interaction delivered through a scalable channel. Chatbots offer a conversational experience using AI and natural language and help the users perform the mundane tasks efficiently and accurately. With the increasing pressure on the contact centers and customer service centers, there is a growing need for chatbots nowadays. That’s where AI chatbots come into the picture. Advanced AI-enabled chatbots reduce the operating costs and improve the efficiency of businesses.

As customers demand self-service, AI chatbots can help to resolve their problems quickly. Chatbot technology is maturing and enterprises all over the world are accepting it to make their lives easier.


Employees spend a lot of time using computers and laptops at their office. You can prevent your employees from being deskbound by incorporating healthy wearables to better manage their personal health to reduce the number of absences and decrease the healthcare costs. Wearable devices help to improve employee productivity. You can build mobile apps to help workers stay connected to the offices and co-workers. If you have workers on field, you can provide wearables to track their health and encourage them to instill good habits and a healthy lifestyle

Space Management

An investment in smart technologies improves the overall environment by making more space in the office. It also makes the office more productive. IoT enables enterprises to use the available office space more efficiently and securely. The organizations can make use of smart technologies to produce and store data and use it efficiently. IoT data can help for real-time decision making by deriving insights.

Time tracking

Modern workforces prefer automation of tasks over manual jobs. One such example is employee attendance. Most of the organizations prefer IoT-enabled solutions that use beacons for automating attendance and time tracking also. Employees can login and logout with their ID cards and data can be synced with attendance or HR management systems.

In a nutshell

Transform your traditional business infrastructure into a modern smart office and improve your business productivity. Companies all over the world are adopting smart office solutions and modernizing their processes and business operations to improve efficiency and boost the revenues. Talk to experts and get suggestions for transforming your workplace into a smart office.

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