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Nowadays, IoT devices are used in offices to connect various people and things. It helps the users to explore the different opportunities and make the workspace smarter. More and more companies across the globe are adopting IoT solutions to make their workplace smarter. If you haven’t made your office an intelligent ecosystem, you could be losing a lot of exciting opportunities. There are a lot of IoT-enabled connected devices available in the market that can be combined with sensors, smartphones, wearables, and beacons. Such IoT apps can be used to monitor and control all the major business operations and manage processes.

Smart office solutions can help to improve office productivity, make the workplace comfortable, simplify everyday routine tasks, and save energy. More and more organizations are focusing on investing in smart office applications to improve workplace efficiency. Let’s throw some light on some applications that use IoT for enhancing the existing workspace productivity:

Digital Signs

Why should enterprises deploy digital signage?

AI-enabled chatbots

As customers demand self-service, AI chatbots can help to resolve their problems quickly. Chatbot technology is maturing and enterprises all over the world are accepting it to make their lives easier.


Space Management

Time tracking

In a nutshell

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