Redefining Digital Experience- How Liferay Portal Development does it?

Personalization is the way forward. Especially in the digital world. We are accustomed to hyper-personalization of our daily applications like chats, games, work, shop, take photos, reading books and even doing work. Everything is customized according to our needs. The new age Liferay Portal Development aims to craft all-encompassing digital experience platforms.

Liferay DXP has rich features at its disposal to create and enhance enriching user experiences. DXP from Liferay has won many accolades latest being from Garner for digital transformation. And that is the reason enterprises prefer Liferay for portal upgrade and migration over its rivals. Let’s see these obvious reasons for portal development with Liferay:

Liferay DXP has audience targeting features that allow greater customer engagement via enterprise portals. It specifies user interests using its powerful search and suggestions to cater relative content to users.

Both Content creation and content Publishing is simplified under Liferay 7. It allows with its Alloy Editor to review content in multiple stages along with geolocation tagging for web content.

With enhanced features like Campaign manager, Analytics, Single customer view, and connected services make it a conventional platform to develop enterprise portals.

Liferay DXP makes it easy to communicate with other stakeholders via multiple touch points. It automates work processes and streamlines workflows for employees, partners, and customers to share and spread information.

With almost zero licensing costs for Liferay enterprise portal development, Liferay 7 has many out-of-box features and plugins that can be used with ease to create a comprehensive web portal.

Liferay portal upgrade and migration are the easiest tasks for enterprises. With the ability to integrate with most technologies like .NET, Java, C++ and many other, Liferay is the go-to technology for portal migration and upgrade.

As Liferay has many plugins available to ease out functions, it provides an improved experience for customers with the single dashboard in less budget with more perks.

Liferay Digital Experience Platform can Integrate with multiple device interfaces and disparate applications to maximize the digital experience.

With an expanding, collaborative and helpful Liferay community, it’s Marketplace updates the users with latest plugins and bug fixing that is at par with paid support on most other technology platforms.

Liferay DXP is by default responsive. It works seamlessly with most modern mobile devices with optimized results with its inbuilt API like UI and can work with technologies like JSON and other Java Scripts.

There are many other features, functionalities, and perks that make Liferay one of the best technology for enterprise portal development. Liferay DXP provides businesses greater flexibility to concur enterprise mobility goals to develop futuristic portal development.

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Anblicks is committed to bringing value to various industries using CloudOps, Data Analytics, and Modern Apps.

Anblicks is committed to bringing value to various industries using CloudOps, Data Analytics, and Modern Apps.