[Live Webinar] Native Apps Vs Progressive Apps — Which Is Better for Your Business?

Today mobile applications are one of the optimal methods to promote your online business. Since last few years, we’re seeing a constantly evolving Enterprise Mobility technology.

With the advent of Progressive Web Apps having a wide range of exciting features such as faster navigation, quick updates, push notifications sending, offline working mode and so on, it is gaining the public attention after its inception.

But, Native Apps are the mainstays of the Application Development industry that enables businesses to integrate and deliver innovative business services quickly.

Question here arises which application development technology is better: Native Apps or Progressive Web Apps?

Join our webinar Who will own the mobile experience Native Apps or PWAs and get to know about “When to choose PWA and Native Application?”.

Registration are free and seats are limited.

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Also, we will compare both technologies on various parameters and observe the end result that which technology will fit for your business.

Note: This webinar will be recorded and shared with all registrants via email and our YouTube channel.

If you have any question regarding this webinar, email me at pinakin.darji@knowarth.com

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