Importance of UX Design in eCommerce

User Experience (commonly referred as UX) is a pivotal aspect for all user interfaces per se, but it is a critical when you design eCommerce applications. Research indicates that increasing competition and multiple choices make customer loyalty an impossible phenomenon. Since buyers have increasingly lucrative options available, they want to explore something new every time. It changes the rules of the game. eCommerce Portal are supposed to engross a customer up to the extent that he buys at least one item before logging out. It is needless to say that User Experience (UX) is the decisive factor.

eCommerce designers should design the User Interface in such a way that buyers see what the designers want them to see. It means that even if the landing page contains items that need to be promoted maximum, the natural flow of navigation should not get disturbed. Buyers should not see it a hindering factor, and they should have the liberty of ignoring the same if it is not of their interest. Use of headings, containers, or scroll bars has to be there in a balanced manner.

Complicated check out process is a pain for buyers. When studies indicate that more than 70 percent shopping cards remain abandoned due to tedious and clumsy check out procedure, it is very much important that eCommerce designers work in the particular area. Unwanted irritant factors like a popup to create a shopping account or a request to sign a newsletter are incredibly annoying. Many times the buyer gets annoyed, and they just walk away to other websites. It is a fact that an abandoned cart is an opportunity loss. Once a buyer o to other eCommerce Platform, he or she doesn’t come back.

Asking the same information repetitively is another irritating aspect. When a user interface asks the same piece of information (for any damn security reason), it is highly frustrating factors for a buyer. Many a times, they are not well-versed with typing on a computer keyboard and entering the information one time itself is a big issue. They get irritated and just walk out to the brick-and-mortar shop at the next crossroad. Most importantly, they don’t return to eCommerce Website.

User experience is the most important aspect that stands out eCommerce Portal in the competitive environment. A simple and fast interface makes it a grand success and brings huge business.

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Anblicks is committed to bringing value to various industries using CloudOps, Data Analytics, and Modern Apps.

Anblicks is committed to bringing value to various industries using CloudOps, Data Analytics, and Modern Apps.