How to Optimize Cloud Cost in Multi-Cloud based Technologies

  • Consolidated view of spend across all cloud providers and vendors
  • Locate the underutilized resources
  • Forecast the spending on the billing cycle
  • Lack of proper notification
  • Slice and dice the data according to company-specific tags
  • Data Discovery
  • Data Ingestion and Extraction
  • Data Transformation
  1. Databricks is a PAAS that runs on Azure, so the cost is divided between the cloud and the vendor. Calculating the consumption data of Databricks is complicated. The cost billed by Azure is straightforward to get from an external source, but on the contrary, Databricks cost needs to be calculated from the data we receive from Azure. We went through a sophisticated process of using Azure Tags due to the absence of consumption data directly from Databricks.
  • Data Loading
  • Data Integration
  • Data Rendering
  • PowerBI can connect to our data source and visualize the data in different types of charts. We have set up a connection to Postgres data warehouse and created other pages in our report separately for every vendor, i.e., AWS, Azure, Snowflake, and Databricks.
  • A consolidated view of all the vendors with the consumption and utilization details like the spend by Account, Service, Resource, Location, User can give a quick insight across the entire infrastructure.
  • A KPI for Potential savings on each page is added, representing the amount of spend that can be saved if we had used the resources effectively.
  • Filters like Accounts, Services, Resources, Location, Time are arranged on every page to drill down to the lowest granularity to get useful insights.
  • Cloud platforms like Azure and AWS provide the tags information, which helps users build custom reports with the custom fields. A general use can be Spend by Environment — Dev, SIT, UAT, Prod.
  • The ad-hoc reporting is another feature of the dashboard where we can create our charts by merely entering the required fields as text in the text panel. However, it is possible only with a flexible backend data model and an NLP Algorithm.
  • A persona-based reporting is an enterprise feature where the data will be shared with the users based on their assigned role. For example, a developer has the most restricted view, while a C level executive can see the entire company’s data.

To manage the cloud costs, Anblicks developed CCM, a cloud cost management accelerator. With plenty of data insight available, we help our clients to reduce their cloud spend.



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