How to create professional eCommerce website with Magento

The biggest decision for any organization when it plans its foray into the eCommerce industry would be to finalize if they want take the help of a web design company that has a proprietary eCommerce platform or engage with the one using established eCommerce software.

While standard ecommerce platforms work great for most businesses, they do have some limitations. If you plan to involve complex shipping systems, list many different product variants, or use different currencies for your payment system, upgrading to a Magento website can add manageability, and boost your sales.

Magento ecommerce is the most well known, and feature-rich ecommerce platform that is suited to big or small businesses and trusted by online shops across sectors. Its performance, capabilities, security, and stability to run your business are unmatched.

The features that come in standard package are astounding; countless other additional modules and plugins ensure your Magento ecommerce website is responsive and can be customized to meet all your business needs. Therefore, before starting discussions on costing and timescales with your Magento website developer, it is advisable to establish your business, website, and customer needs in advance.

Magento ecommerce suite works best paired with a good quality theme. You can configure over a hundred features to your liking, set up different storefronts with a shared product base with ease, professional landing pages, and connect almost any imaginable tool or service. Very few tools come close to Magento in delivering feature-rich results, that too without the need to install a host of third-party plugins.

Key Features:

Magento ecommerce offers advanced features in the standard package for order management like call center (phone) order creation that provides transparent system control to administrators and enhancements for customers’ shopping experience. Product configuration changes, for all types of products, can be executed from the call center on the admin side. Custom product choices and configurations are easily adjustable during order creation, in the wish list and shopping cart functions.

The system is also capable of creating new customers, or select existing customers and view their shopping cart, wish list, last ordered items, and compared products lists, as well as select addresses, give discounts and assign custom prices. Enhanced assisted customer service is possible from call center and other admin users, enabling management of products and coupons in customers’ shopping carts and wish lists through the administrator panel. Order tracking is easier than ever with customizable order statuses. Predefined list of order states (ex. new, processing, payment review, complete) make it easier to setup the system for novices as much as experts. And these features are just the tip of the iceberg that is Magento ecommerce.

Magento Community Edition 1.9 was released in May 2014, and has increasingly gained popularity with Magento 2.0 on the anvil and eagerly awaited by the open source community. Since it was acquired by eBay Inc. in 2011, development has slowed down a lot, but no other solution has managed to come close to its 11% market share so far.

Magento is an open source resource mine. It is expected to soon outgrow shared hosting solutions and have a set of hosting requirements of its own.

KNOWARTH’s Magento eCommerce development experts build robust and scalable solutions that deliver the best user experience right from a front-end solution using the latest interface technologies and back-end architecture to solve a systems integration problem helping you to reach to global market.

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Anblicks is committed to bringing value to various industries using CloudOps, Data Analytics, and Modern Apps.

Anblicks is committed to bringing value to various industries using CloudOps, Data Analytics, and Modern Apps.