Don’t Miss 5 Data Analytics Trends to Look Up in 2021

Trend 1: AI and Data Analytics: Union of Benefits

According to a report by Gartner, 75% of enterprises will shift traditional data analytics solutions to AI-powered data analytics.

Trend 2: Data Management Augmentation

Data management augmentation uses technologies such as artificial intelligence and machine learning to improve and optimize data operations in the business. During the process, it also converts, metadata which is further used in lineage, auditing, and reporting to powering dynamic systems.

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Trend 3: X Analytics

“By 2025, X analytics will trigger major innovations in and transformation in 75% of Fortune 500 companies” –Gartner.

Trend 4: Data Fabric at the Foundation

With data getting complex everyday and business looking for accelerated growth in the digital sector, data fabric architecture shall serve as the vital support for composable data analytics and its components. The global leaders of data analytics are exploring the capabilities of X analytics from their existing vendors, such as cloud vendors for image, video, and audio analytics.

Trend 5: Data Analytics Moving to Cloud

According to a report by Gartner, “Public cloud services will be essential for 90% of data and analytics innovation by 2022.”

Author’s Pick

Data analytics is evolving with every passing day. With innovations and evolving technologies like IoT, artificial intelligence, and machine learning, the technology is gaining momentum that can help businesses overcome the adverse effects of the pandemic.



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