Extranet is an extension of intranet which assists in sharing documents, files and other important information with someone who is not part of your organization or business but has to have the information. In simpler terms, it is about sharing your files through a web portal with someone outside your office.

Having an extranet provides a lot of consistent benefits and is intrinsic to business today that hopes to explore the market. It helps maintain security while providing access to information across boundaries. It can help in effectively communicating with your business partners, associates and even clientele.

We’ve listed down a few benefits to help you assess:

Extranet helps achieve and provide information almost instantly to your clients, partners, and business associates. It saves hours of waiting for a monologue or dialogue to happen through an exchange of multiple mails or calls.

There is a lot of flexibility that reaches your ambit through extranet where your clients and associates could decide the time and place to access the information. There is no hard and fast rule to login and share at the same time. This convenience helps in a better understanding of the matter at hand and helps in a better exchange of information.

Due to an increase in the amount of time saved, there is an obvious increase in the productivity of the business and the persons associated in it. In an age where time equals money, every second saved translates to huge gains for an organization.

With extranet in the picture the margin of error is substantially reduced as you have a single portal through which the information can be accessed. Multiple email exchange can corrupt a file or by a simple human error confidential information could end up with wrong associates. Direct exchange information through extranet passes the exact information and there is therefore an increase in meticulousness.

The biggest advantage you get through an extranet sharing is the trustworthiness in the eyes of your customers and vice-versa. Clients always need fast and secure solutions and extranet is one such gem. This could lead to better relations going forward which is better for any organization’s growth goals.

A solution like extranet in place can help save on precious resources who are dedicated to oversee the security of the files being shared. Apart from freeing up precious resources, it also helps save time and allows you to concentrate on the more important aspects of business.

Extranet helps share information through secure channels and since there is a flexibility of only limited information being shared, you can rest knowing that not everyone can access all the information available.

From information sharing to securing it, from ease use to being cost effective, extranet does it for you. It brings your distant associates closer to you and helps build healthier relationships.

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Anblicks is committed to bringing value to various industries using CloudOps, Data Analytics, and Modern Apps.

Anblicks is committed to bringing value to various industries using CloudOps, Data Analytics, and Modern Apps.