Webinar: Anblicks Config Driven Framework for Talend (APAC Edition)

Webinar Partner: Talend, APAC

Anblicks Config Driven Framework (CDF) is a simplified low code ETL framework, which helps you to add new data sources and data integration pipelines nearly automatically, requiring little or no input from developers. This potentially saves up to 60% of the time and 40% of costs for the enterprise customers. CDF improves performance by configurable task parallelization and provides insightful proactive operational dashboards to mitigate failures.

CDF is powered by Talend Data Fabric, which combines data integration, integrity, and governance in a single, unified platform.

In this Webinar, we discussed:

  • Showcase how Talend Data Fabric and Anblicks CDF addressed…read more.

Watch the Webinar here.