8 Things to Consider While Upgrading to Liferay Portal

Businesses look for a technology that can automate their processes and make their businesses more agile. Moreover, a technology that can offer scalability along with interactive features to beautify their applications. Availability of the developers and costs and time associated with them. Upgrading to Liferay Portal facilitates enterprises with all these pain issues to offer simplified solutions.

Migrating and upgrading legacy enterprise portals with Liferay is made super easy with the introduction of Liferay Digital Experience Platform aka Liferay DXP. Since then, Liferay has become a darling of enterprise who want to develop, upgrade and migrate their portals on Liferay portals. But, the migration process is tedious and numbing experience. We have compiled these 8 things that you must consider before you move your legacy portal on Liferay.

What to keep in mind when Migrating to Liferay DXP?

Liferay DXP migration and upgrade is a straightforward affair. It is considered one of the best platform to build an intranet portal. With its many features and functionalities, it has the power to transform legacy portals into agile digital experience platforms. However, things can go awry if you don’t keep your thumb on these tabs.

1. Data Backup and recovery

This is an age-old problem with portal migrations. Get your data stored on multiple places with source codes. This will ensure you will be able to recover your data if the migration process falters at any stage or in the case of data mismatch.

2. Legacy architecture

Ensure all your process flows and portal properties are mapped, stored and ready for upgrade to new channels. This will ensure a smooth migration of data and user experience will be flawless.

3. Plugins

This is a must. Check the compatibility of your old or custom developed plugins in Liferay 6.2 have an alternative of update in the Liferay 7. This will ensure all your portal functions behave as they are expected.

4. Database

Data upgrade along with the database is essential. Data pointers and search queries in the database will be error free post migration if you keep on top of your database.

5. Document and Configuration

Any configuration changes must be triple checked along with its documentation. This ensures admins have access to documents through Enterprise Content Management Systems and configuration details when they really require it.

6. Theme

Most times, a Liferay DXP upgrade is revolved around new theme for portals. And sometimes, main theme files are missing when you do a migration. To ensure this error does not arise, write down the theme upgrade and theme file migration in the process document.

7. Element Locations

Writing down the exact path of the elements that you have changed, included or deployed is essential. For your Liferay DXP upgraded portal to work smoothly, the scripts must know the exact location of all the involved elements.

8. Elasticsearch

This is the default search engine that is bundled with Liferay DXP. It is highly scalable, analytical and runs search queries much faster. Ensure that your Portal Upgrade and Portal Migration project has this included.

Businesses can improve efficiency of their workforce with Liferay DXP Upgrade and Migration. Liferay enables not only migration of entire portals but their elements along with servers, images, blogs, cached files and content too. It is built with transformative features and enables real-time information sharing that brings competitive advantage for businesses.

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Anblicks is committed to bringing value to various industries using CloudOps, Data Analytics, and Modern Apps.

Anblicks is committed to bringing value to various industries using CloudOps, Data Analytics, and Modern Apps.