10 Tips for Mobile Application Development That You Have not Thought of !

1. Do you know what the right technology is?

Yes, technology is a differentiating factor, especially when you are launching a cross-platform application. Since each mobile application development has a different software development kit or SDK, your software development technology should be supported by a variety of platforms, either directly or by adding a few plugins. HTML5 and C++ are two good choices for developing widely acceptable and adaptive mobile apps. Experts say that it is a bit tricky to write the user interface using the two.

2. What all do you like to present to the users?

It is highly important to define what do you want to present to the users? Managing expectations are critically important when you develop a mobile application. Users of different platforms want the look and feel of your application similar to other ten applications they use. If it is a challenging thing for you, then mold their expectations by offering mind-boggling functionality. Otherwise, follow the similar colors, flows and other physical attributes so that they are happy with your app

3. Speed matters!

Customer literally wants the application “yesterday”, forget about today or tomorrow. It is certainly tough to withstand the fierce competition around. Hence, get rid of the age-old methods that take months to application development. Adopt fast and effective tools and a fast release cycle process. Instead of incorporating everything in one release, publish new versions at regular intervals.

4. Customer experience is important

Since you are going to develop an application for the small screen, it is highly important that it is user-friendly and pleasing. Navigation should be easy, and only relevant information should be on the main screen. Rest all can be moved to other screens. As a rule of thumb, you should note the taps required to carry out an operation. The fewer taps required, higher is the effectiveness.

5. Application tuning is must

Since mobile apps are accessed using a relatively slow network bandwidth, you should tune it up to the maximum extent. There are some special tuning techniques for mobile apps and on should master it. Sweeping out memory hungry processes to the background is an example. Caching resources or loading multiple data items at a time are other examples of tuning.

6. Core of application makes the difference

Experts suggest that developing the core with the fullest of important features is important. You can build a plethora of functionality later by adding plugins and features. There are two major benefits of it. Firstly, your application becomes lightweight. Secondly, you can offer the core application at an affordable price.

7. Seek feedback, it is important

Since your application is for the user, it is highly important that you know what do they want? Though there are automated analytic tools available, customer feedback is simply incomparable. Do not leave any method of collecting it, feedback form, email or social media platforms. You get to know the candid feedback of speed, bugs, and usability of it.

8. Application interfacing

If your application offers seamless integration with your own applications or third-party applications, then users find it pretty interesting and usable.

9. A well-tested application is a well-developed one

Follow stringent testing methodology so that you release a bug-free application. Not only the final application but also individual modules should be tested thoroughly. Use a standard testing methodology to make it foolproof.

10. Evolve, evolve and evolve

No application can be 100% perfect in the first attempt. Hence, keep on revising and fine tuning it to meet customer expectations. Evolution is an ongoing and unending process.

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Anblicks is committed to bringing value to various industries using CloudOps, Data Analytics, and Modern Apps.

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Anblicks is committed to bringing value to various industries using CloudOps, Data Analytics, and Modern Apps.