10 E-commerce mistakes which every store owner should avoid

Running an online store is easy but making it a successful one is not everyone’s cup of tea. Here are few common mistakes that most of the online store owners make. Such mistakes kill your sales and put you at risk.

Low-Quality Product Description:

The way you describes your product grabs the customers’ attention to a great extent. Insufficient, poor quality or fake content might lead your customer to switch to some other site. This not only leads to losing your customers but also leads to lack of trust among customers. So, the online store should try hard to showcase an accurate and detailed product description.

Poor Customer Service:

Customer service is a big factor that differentiates you from your competitors. The e-commerce store should enable customer service option wherein a customer can ask a technical question, sales question or something related to the product. This is much more effective than just mentioning an email address. If you don’t have any contact number then a ticketing system is must to have. It should be ensured that the FAQs cover all the questions which customers might ask like- the return policy, order process etc.

Product Image:

It’s very important to show multiple images of the product to the customer especially when they are buying online.

A single product should have multiple images in different colors and from different angles- front, back, sideways. This instills confidence in the customer towards the product and makes them feel good about the product.

Time-consuming Checkout Process:

The checkout process should be easy and hassle free. Asking irrelevant questions during checkout might frustrate the customers. The checkout should be made possible in few clicks. There should be a guest checkout feature for those customers who don’t wish to create their account.

Absence of Mobile Responsive Site:

In this era, where large people prefer to do online shopping via mobile, having no mobile-optimized version of your website can turn out to be the biggest disadvantage. This may probably lead you losing a large number of customers.


Your online site should provide an easy navigation to the customers. A quick, easy and filtered search provides a pleasant experience to the customers.

Lack of Payment Options

Most of the online stores allow the users to do payment only through Visa or Master card, or PayPal. It’s not possible for every customer to pay via credit card or PayPal. So your site should provide as many payment options as possible.

Not offering the best offer

Nowadays, customers are smart enough to compare the prices on various online stores, before taking purchase decision. So, it’s better to offer the customer a fair price as compared to your competitors. Ultimately, this will create a win-win situation for the customer as well as for your online store.

Loading Issues

Slow loading speed of your e-commerce shopping cart has a negative impact on the customers. Moreover, loading time is also an important factor for search engines. Make sure that your online store is built on qualified hosting service.

Not mentioning store policies

Make sure you clearly mention store policies, return policies to the customers. There should be a separate section in your site for FAQs and store policies.

The above-mentioned mistakes can sabotage your all efforts and hard work. So it’s better to avoid such mistakes by keeping an eye on your store and marketing channels. Strategize your goals in such a way that it brings more traffic and sales for your online store and thus your efforts are paid off.

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