Over the period, healthcare providers have used models such as Monte Carlo simulations and regression models to predict healthcare myriads. Nevertheless, with the implementation of predictive analytics in healthcare, the care providers are looking forward to improving the care of critically ill patients.

With the advancements in information technology in healthcare, predictive tools can capture, manage, and analyze the patients’ health data on a large scale. The technology is already helping elders and chronically ill patients stay out of the hospital and get optimum care at their doorstep.

According to a report by Markets and Markets, the global healthcare predictive…

With every passing year, the technology sector experiences the influx of a new buzzword. With this growing influx, tech leaders across the globe have to keep their businesses ready to adapt and improvise their existing environment to cope up with evolving technology. One such technology that is revolutionizing the business world is machine learning.

The technology allows businesses to create several models such as predictive analytics and prescriptive analytics. However, the major challenge that every organization has to consider is which machine learning platform will be the best for their business? So let’s have a look:

Predictive Analytics at the Forefront of Business Growth

Today almost every organization…

Cloud Migration is the process of moving digital operations into the cloud. It usually refers to transferring from On-Premises data centers or infrastructure to the cloud. These services allow you to manage IT infrastructure remotely without the security risk, inconvenience, and operational cost of maintaining On-Premises hardware.

Cloud Migration Strategy is the organization’s plan to move its data and applications from an On-Premises architecture to the cloud.

Benefits of Cloud Migration:

  1. Optimized Costs: In Public Cloud, you no longer have to worry about the costs and conditions of keeping physical servers running. …

Nowadays, data is omnipresent. It is a commodity of infinite value — almost everything you do results in the production of new data. For example, when you withdraw money from a bank, data is generated and stored. Likewise, when you visit a website, you build data that Google and other third-party companies can store and utilize.

Earlier, data teams used to invest tons of energy to provide data for analysis due to technological constraints. But now, with the latest advent in technology, it has become easy to manage, store and analyze data from distinct sources and provide it to business…

Data management has become a challenge for everybody, not just every organization but also been a bottleneck for data engineers, architects, and analysts.

The nature of the challenges has been changing day by day from procurement to storage, to high volume storage, from transaction to deriving insights, and to make the whole process fast and efficient.

Organizations are looking for a new approach to overcome these data hurdles. The arrival of DataOps has enabled organizations to streamline data ecosystems in an unprecedented way. …

Most software companies are looking for proven strategies to effortlessly build, manage, and scale containerized applications to drive seamless customer experience. Kubernetes is an application orchestrator that orchestrates containerized cloud-native microservice applications to easily deploy and manage the applications and improve reliability with fewer time engineers spending on DevOps automation.

Discover how enterprises are facing challenges to embrace the public cloud for critical modern applications:

  • Increases the human cost of running services
  • Increases the complexity of running services
  • Setting up services manually
  • Increase the size of bills from public cloud providers
  • Manual work of fixing if a node crashes


Webinar Partner: Talend, APAC

Anblicks Config Driven Framework (CDF) is a simplified low code ETL framework, which helps you to add new data sources and data integration pipelines nearly automatically, requiring little or no input from developers. This potentially saves up to 60% of the time and 40% of costs for the enterprise customers. CDF improves performance by configurable task parallelization and provides insightful proactive operational dashboards to mitigate failures.

CDF is powered by Talend Data Fabric, which combines data integration, integrity, and governance in a single, unified platform.

In this Webinar, we discussed:

  • Walkthrough of the data integration use cases of two large customers and the challenges
  • Showcase how Talend Data Fabric and Anblicks CDF addressed…read more.

Watch the Webinar here.

The use of the internet has penetrated the areas such as availing information, purchasing products, acquiring services, and any aspect a consumer can think of from a business. With the internet taking over almost every business sector today, making your business stand out of the box has become essentially critical for your company’s growth.

It is equally crucial for your business to make the brand presence appealing and engaging. This is where custom web applications development comes in handy for companies.

Developing a custom web application has become much more convenient than it was a decade ago. Thanks to robust…

Data analytics has been the driving force of the digital revolution of multiple industries globally. It has altered the way we analyze, manage, and leverage data across various sectors. However, the most noticeable impact of the technology is being observed in the field of healthcare.

Data analytics solutions in healthcare can reduce treatment costs, outbreak prediction, prevention of avoidable diseases, and improve healthcare services as a whole. Nevertheless, with improved healthcare, the overall lifespan of humans is increasing, which is posing new challenges to care providers across the globe, especially when it comes to treatment delivery methods.

In times like…

The ETL or Extract, Transform, Load process is a significant pillar of an organization’s data processing. The process allows the user to extract the information from multiple sources and load it to a single data warehouse. The purpose of this process is to make high-quality data available swiftly and consistently.

Often the business leaders find that their ETL processes or ETL frameworks are susceptible to problems and issues resulting in the operational downtime and failure of the tasks. So what are these challenges that plague the ETL process of an organization? And, most notably, how can you overcome them?



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